Write a Paragraph about Facebook

Posted on 27th Jul 2021 09:34:45 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Facebook is a social networking system-It helps to communicate among people all around-Care should be taken in using facebook. Facebook is a n internet based social networking system. It works through a computer. Anyone having a personal computer with internet connection can easily access to Facebook. He also needs an e-mail address. One has to fill up a form with his detail. He has to keep a hidden password to ensure privacy and secrecy. People can easily communicate with others worldwide through Facebook account. They can exchange pictures, information, invitation, photos, and documents. Friendship has become possible through Facebook. One can easily send comment on anything through this Facebook account. One can easily talk with his friends. Thus, Facebook network has brought a golden opportunity for the people. But sometimes, perverted people send naked pictures through this Facebook and demoralize the society. Thus, we should be careful about using the face.

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