Write a Paragraph about My Last Birthday Celebration

Posted on 16th Aug 2021 09:53:38 PM Paragraph, Short Note

To every child of the world birthday is a remarkable day. Everybody wants to pass this day with parents, relatives and friends in a joyous mood. A birthday is a very memorable day in one's life. A few days ago, I observed my eleventh birthday. The birthday was in 4th January. I observed the day by arranging a very colorful ceremony. There were cakes, flowers and lots of guests in the ceremony. I decorated my house very colorfully with flowers, balloons and papers. I invited all my friends, relatives and neighbours. Everybody sang, danced and wished me good luck. The day was a very different one. I will never forget the day. I eagerly wait for this day every year. I like to entertain everyone and have a party with them.

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