Write a Paragraph about Birthday

Posted on 16th Aug 2021 09:52:05 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Every birthday is of great importance. A birthday is very glorious to the person concerned. He/she celebrates the birthday with great interest and merriment. A person observes his birthday to have fun and pleasure. We can't forget the glorious issues of the birthday. It is very important because it helps us to recollect the past events of our life. In the ancient time birthday was observed by the special persons, but in modern time, it is observed by all who have ability to cabbage it. On a birthday a cake is designed with candles according to ages to the person. In the midst of gathering, the cake is cut. Everybody is served cake with merriment, Children make fun and all from different ages observe it with happiness. They sing, dance and clap. A birthday is observed with great significance. People of different ages pass their time joining the birthday party. We celebrate it with great curiosity and enthusiasm.

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