Write a Paragraph about the Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

Posted on 31st Jul 2021 11:47:01 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Bangladesh is a land of beauty. It is a small country but full of tourist sports. Every year a lot of tourists from home and abroad come to visit these sports. There are many tourist spots in Bangladesh. All the tourist spots are very beautiful and wonderful. The most popular tourist spot is Cox’s Bazar. There is the longest sea beach of the world in Cox’s Bazar. One can see the charming sun setting from this sea beach. Another tourist spot is Srimangal in Bangladesh. It is very famous for the beauty of the tea gardens. Going there one can enjoy that heart rending beauty. There is also another beautiful tourist spot in Bangladesh naming Madhabkundu. It is very famous for its beautiful waterfalls. Another most wonderful tourist spot in Bangladesh is the Saint Martin’s. This is the only coral island in Bangladesh. There are beautiful coral of different shapes and colours in the blue waters. There are also the turtles that nest on the island and a variety of sea fishes. So, one can go to this island to enjoy these beauties of the Saint Martin’s island. Therefore all these tourist spots make Bangladesh a beautiful country in the world. We can earn a lot of foreign money by developing these tourist spots. Government and people should come forward to take necessary steps to make these spots more attractive to the tourists.

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