Write a Paragraph about My Home Town

Posted on 31st Jul 2021 11:45:42 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Home town is dear to every man and at the same time he feels proud of it. The name of my home is Lalmonirhat. It is a district of Bangladesh. It is situated in the northern part of the country. The district consists of two municipalities, five upazilas, forty two unions and four hundred seventy six villages. Almost 22,00,000 people are living in this small town. The river ‘Tista’ flows beside the town. There is a story behind its name. The district Lalmonirhat is named after the name of two stones and one big market. The name of one stones is ‘Lal’ and the name of another stone is ‘Moni’. These two types of small stone are found here. The biggest market of this home town is known as ‘Hat’ to the people. They are some interesting places in my home town. They are ‘Setmohi’ Teasta barrage and Tin Bigha Corridor. My town is also the birth place of some famous persons. They are Maznu Shah, the leader of Fakir Andolon and Fazlul Karim, a great poet of our country. Like all, I also feel very proud of my home town which is the witness of many historical events and the resort of famous persons. To me my home town is the best place. I don’t want to go other places leaving it.

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