Your Native Village Paragraph

Posted on 29th Dec 2021 09:04:15 PM Paragraph, Composition

The name of our village is Radhanagar where Bharat-Pathik Raja Rammohan Roy was born. It is a small quiet village by the side of the river Dwarakeswar in the district of Hooghly. It is about a mile long and half a mile broad. A metalled road runs by the side of it and buses and Lorries ply on the road. There are large green cornfields around our village. The population of our village is about three thousand. Most of them are farmers. There are doctors and teachers too. A daily market is held in the morning where we get all the necessary things. We have also a primary school, a Post office, a B. T. college and a Degree college in our village. But the special object of pride of our village is the Raja Rammohan Roy Memorial Hall which was designed by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. I am very proud of being a son of such a village where the great Raja Rammohan Roy was born.

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