Suppose, you know many things about paper. It is very useful things to us. Now, write a composition/essay on 'Paper'.

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[ Hints : Introduction, History, How made, Paper mills, Usefulness, Conclusion ]

Introduction : Once there was no paper. Then people wrote on leaves of trees. The bark was also used for writing.

History : Paper was first made in China. Then the Arabs learnt it. Paper was first made by hand. It was coarse. Thin papers are now made in paper mills.

How made : Paper is made from straw, grass, bamboo, jute, rags etc. These things are cut into pieces. They are boiled and a paste is made. Then some sticky thing is mixed with paste. Paper is made from the paste. Paper may be coloured as one likes.

Paper mills : Paper is made in large scale in paper mills. There are paper mills all over the world. There is a big paper mill at Chandraghona in Chittagong Hill Tracts ( Rangamati ). Its name is Karnafuli Paper Mills. It produces white paper only. In Khulna there is a newsprint mill. There is also a paper mill at Paksey and another at Sylhet.

Usefulness : Paper is very useful to us. We cannot do without paper even for a day. Books are printed on paper. It spreads education. Newspapers spread news among the people of the world. Papers are also used as packing materials and in making houses in certain parts of the world.

Conclusion : For the purpose of exporting paper we should set up more paper mills in our country. We cannot do without paper for a single day.

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