Write a paragraph about A Hawker

Posted on 2nd Jan 2022 09:45:58 PM Paragraph, Composition

A hawker is a common sight on a street of a city or a town or in a compartment of a train. He carries things sometimes on his head, sometimes in his hands, sometimes in a bag and sometimes in a small hand-cart. He sells various kinds of things including sweets, drinks, books, pens, medicines and what not. He uses various tricks to attract the attention of the buyers. Sometimes he starts singing or even starts acting. Sometimes he is funny and sometimes irritating. He sells things at a cheaper rate than that of the permanent shop-keepers. It is possible as he has not to pay any rent for a shop or salary to salesman. He is, as if, a moving shop and a salesman combined. But it is a pity that he has to do such hard labour for living from hand to mouth.

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